Who am I?

I am Scott Hudson, a former NYC high school history teacher, currently living in Prague and working for a Czech human rights NGO called People in Need.  I have a passion for politics, economic, and history, as well as the impact that current events have on us all.  This blog is largely dedicated to sharing my interpretation and opinions about articles that I come across in my attempt to stay informed and engaged with the world around me.


7 responses to “Who am I?

  1. Good on ya Hudson, keep it up.

  2. Wey hey! Go Escott!

  3. Dude! Slow down over there… you’re going to burn out!

    • I’ll be fine L, but it has been more work that I expected trying to keep up the pace of finding and commenting on three articles a day. Glad that I few people out there, like yourself are looking at it. BTW was amused by the tagline (or what ever it is called).

    • Is this something that you are going to attend? Looks interesting, but who knows when it will make it to Prague. I finally managed to see McLibel last year and loved it, but how much of a surprise is that really? Thanks for the tip.

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